Basic information about solar energy and the solar technologies

The fossil-solar co-operation - The fossil fuels industries can gain large financial and strategic benefits from working with the solar energy industry.

Night time air cooling - Our specially designed air heaters can also cool the air during summer nights at temperatures below that of the ambient air.

Solution - We suggest a solution to ease the transition to renewable energy without loss of business or of jobs for the fossil fuel companies

Coal drying - Economic and environmental benefits would be gained by solar drying the brown coal before burning it in power plants.

Solar Air Preheaters - Q Solar are the promoters of preheating the air of combustion for burners, this way decreasing their fuel consumption and their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Breakthrough in Solar Energy Technology - We have succeeded to make solar heat cheaper than heat from any fossil fuel.

Basic Facts about Solar Radiation - essential information about solar activity, the effects of solar radiation, indirect and direct uses of solar energy and the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Solar Water Heaters - hot water of up to 100 degrees Celsius is needed for many of our domestic, industrial and commercial activities. Such temperatures are attainable with flat solar collectors (without concentration of radiation), which are relatively simple to build and are very reliable.

Solar Air Heaters - almost all of the energy we use in industry, agriculture and at home is heat or was generated from heat. Mechanical energy and electricity are also produced through the transition of much larger quantities of heat from a heat source to a heat sink.

Solar Mechanical Energy - Mechanical energy can be obtained from solar energy in a few different ways. We detail here the "solar tower" system for which we have an improved version of solar collector.

Installation of Solar Air Heaters - for places at latitudes greater than about 40 degrees, where the sun is low on the winter sky, you should install the solar air heater vertically, on a wall which is oriented towards the Equator (towards the South in the Northern Hemisphere and towards the North in the Southern Hemisphere).

Economical Aspects - solar energy devices are designed to save money for their owners by reducing fossil fuel energy bills. As very few solar energy products on today's market actually do that, we urge prospective buyers to choose carefully, so that they do not end up losing money.

Environmentally Friendly - our products are environmentally friendly for many reasons, find out why...

Glossary - the A-Z of solar energy, units and prefixes

Environmental Impact - there are three main aspects relating to the environmental impact of our society: additional heat, greenhouse gases and heavy metals.