Solar Air Heaters

Almost all the energy we use in industry, agriculture and at home is heat or was generated from heat. Mechanical energy and electric power are also mainly produced from heat through burning of fossil fuels.

Efficient solar air heaters could not be built previously because air is a thermal insulator and does not accept heat easily. The advanced Q Solar absorbers efficiently transfer the heat to the air, while are inexpensive and versatile.

The solar radiation absorbers are the core of about 50 models of Q Solar air heaters, each having many versions to suit different applications.

While the Q Solar air heaters are efficient, they also have been optimally designed to be economical and this way can deliver very inexpensive heat.

Depending on the model and the current solar and atmospheric conditions, the Q Solar heaters can efficiently produce air of up to 1000C, despite not using solar radiation concentrators.

The key to the economical success of Q Solar is its customised Optimised Design based on its vast experience.