After the solar electric power revolution, it is the time of solar heaters to replace fuel heat with lower cost solar heat for community and businesses benefit.

The Q Solar heaters are large (to collect a lot of solar radiation) and inexpensive (to deliver economical heat), therefore freight cost from Brisbane, Australia would be prohibitive.

Q Solar heaters

To avoid freight costs, we teach local small businesses, steel fabricators and HVAC installers how to produce the solar heaters and driers locally, because:

  • It is possible to make only one solar heater for a user, or many for commercial purpose
  • Q Solar does the specialised design; there is no need to employ a solar energy engineer
  • Initiation in this new manufacture is easy and inexpensive; there is no large license fee
  • Q Solar provides training in solar technology and the Solar Marketing Assistant software
  • These heaters are easy to properly make and install with Q Solar guidance
  • Manufacture is inexpensive; there is no need of a factory, special personnel or machinery
  • Q Solar warrants good benefits for both the manufacturer and the users of our heaters
  • The market is very large, under-supplied and varied: from homes to large buildings, from industrial processes to agriculture applications - they all need inexpensive heat.

Q Solar large heaters

Our most prestigious licensee is Schlaich Bergermann Solar, designers of the solar updraft tower. We design for them the system of heating the air with a permeable solar radiation absorber.

Interested businesses with light manufacturing capability can contact us for details.