Large Driers for Industry and Agriculture

All large size solar driers are purpose designed and built for the specific process.

The essential parts are: a solar air heater or solar air pre-heater, a drying room and air control means.

A Q Solar air heater usually can be easily retro-fitted to existing driers that now use fuel burners.

Below is shown a Q Solar industrial drier for the food industry.

solar air heater

Our free drying assessment will show the economical parametres of a Q Solar drier.

When exposed to full solar radiation, our solar air heaters can raise the temperature of the air by up to 700C above ambient air temperature, therefore can deliver air of up to 1000C.

Being very light, our solar air heater can be mounted on a roof, wall, or installed on the ground.

Our Optimised Design and our special solar radiation absorber are unique advantages.