Our company

Q Solar Pty Ltd (ACN 096 856 307) was registered in 2001 in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, the 'Sunshine State' of Australia. Q Solar does mostly applied research and development.

The founder and managing director of Q Solar Pty Ltd did applied solar thermal research since 1998 that resulted in the Q Solar technology and in publications).

Dorin Preda

Our activity

Q Solar's mission is to provide economical and environmentally friendly solar heaters.

We follow Nature's example, to do the most with minimum resources; this way we do not rely on any subsidy.

After doing the core research, in 2005 we have comissioned our first large scale solar air heater and started diversifying our models to fit different applications.

We recently started teaching how to make and install our heaters. This way heat users (not only from Brisbane, Australia) can benefit from our technology.

Assessment by the Commonwealth Science for Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO)

In 2006 the CSIRO have measured the efficiency of the Q Solar solar air heaters, calculated the economical performance and estimated that about 10% of Australia's heat used in stationary applications can be provided in an economical way by the Q Solar air heaters, resulting in a coresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian Government Showcase

Our company has been presented by the Australian Government on the Australian Technology Showcase as a breakthrough renewable energy technology able to make a significant contribution to the national energy mix.

The Queensland Government

The Queensland Government recommended us as providers of economical and environmentally friendly solutions for industry, for agriculture and for buildings of any size:

The Queensland Premier Award

QLD Premier's Award

The Paris Climate Change Conference

The Q Solar technology was recommended by the Paris COP21 (Conference on Climate Change) as a climate solution.


Q Solar is aknowledged by Austrade, Medianet, etc.

The Copenhague Communique

We signed the Copenhagen Communique because through transfer of technology we can economically improve environmental performances.