Large water heaters

We have recently developed a new type of solar water heater that has outstanding features:

  • it is two times more economical than any other glazed solar water heater
  • being very light-weight, it is the single choice of large heater on light metallic roofs
  • easy to retro-fit to existing metallic roofs of industrial buildings
  • is installed parallel to the roof, therefore it is esthetical and wind resistant
  • does not freeze in winter and can withstand large hail and strong storms
  • can be connected to the building's heating system
  • includes a heat exchanger, so may be used for sterile industry and agriculture processes
  • can deliver heat of up to 100 degrees Celsius in sunny weather
  • may be connected to heat storage to provide heat when there is no sunshine
  • has long warranty

We can make a free assessment for your desired large size solar water heater.