Process Air Heating

A) Solar air pre-heaters for burners

Almost all energy we use starts as hot gas produced by burning fuels in cold air. Q Solar were the first to solar pre-heat the air that is fed to the burner, obtaining the same hot gas, but reducing fuel consumption:

solar air preheating for fuel burners

This way thousands of applications which have burners can now use solar air pre-heaters because:

  • it decreases the expense by reducing the quantity of fuel required
  • it diminishes the emission of greenhouse gases and the pollution
  • it improves the burning process (especially for heavy combustible fuels).

B) Solar air pre-heaters for processes

Many applications use the heat of the burners to heat more air to obtain more hot gas:

solar air preheating for industry/agriculture processes

Our solar air heaters pre-heat the air before burner input, and further decrease fuel use and pollution.

We succeeded economical solar heating of the air, despite it is a thermal insulator.

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