• Author: Dorin Preda ; This is the second, revised edition with ISBN 978-0-6487764-2-0
  • Keywords: climate change, forest fires, environmental protection, land use, urban planning, agriculture, transportation, drought abatement, land rehabilitation, Earth physics.

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    As an Earth Sciences engineer, I have studied the changes we produced on Earth and the resulted climate change. The basic reasoning and the easy-to-check calculations of this book help readers make an informed decision on climate change and if it is possible to repair it. The interactive abstract allows quick navigation and rapid reading.

    Summary of chapters

      1) Basic information on climate parameters and processes.
      2) Heat transfers explained. It results that deforestations since 1750 did not cool the Earth, but warmed it one and half times more than all human activities combined.
      3) Since pre-history humans have deforested almost all Earth, disrupted the carbon and the water cycles and created a global warming of about 60C. Explanation for the fires in Europe, USA and Australia; a new suggestion of how to build in a forest.
      4) Coastal development, two forms of solar air heating and desertification. It results that deforestations since pre-history have produced a radiative forcing of 10W/m2, which is 250 times more than all the energy we use in unit time.
      5) The relationship between the human society and Nature, and a suggested compromise. Optimised planning can provide quality living for people, development for the economy and natural sustainability. The Earth/Mars priorities are investigated.
      6) A new type of settlement called URB, high urbanism, economical, environmentally friendly. The URB is perfectly feasible because it uses only existing technologies.
      7) A realistic strategy of climate repair at the global, continental, regional and local scale. Appeases the sceptics and the environmentalists. A better design for the Indonesian capital. Solution for reversing the desertification of North Africa. Rehabilitation of Australia, which can be re-greened and transformed in a rich, biodiverse and agriculturally productive environment, while its settlements would stop suffering from fires, dust storms, flooding, or extreme heat.