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Q Solar

Q Solar: New era in solar energy use – Solar Air Heaters

Q Solar Pty Ltd has developed an efficient and economical solar air heating technology with multiple applications for industry, agriculture and in the heating of buildings. This was achieved through the development of new solar radiation absorbers, of multiple solar air heaters, and of methods to optimally design the air heater for each application.

The users of Q Solar air heaters pay less for solar heat than for fossil fuel heat and also reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Since these new devices can be retrofitted to most pre-existing industrial or agricultural systems that require heat, and to commercial or residential buildings, this technology can make a significant overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. There are many different models of Q Solar air heaters, each having different specifications to suit a large variety of users and applications.

Q Solar air heaters can be used for:

· heating buildings of any size;

· agricultural driers;

· primary and processing industries;

· industrial driers; and

· preheating the air for fossil fuel burners to reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Commonwealth Science for Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO) have assessed and tested the technical and economic performance of Q Solar air heaters and found that they are efficient, inexpensive, easy to install and can be retro-fitted to many different applications. The CSIRO has acknowledged that Q Solar air heaters can make a significant contribution towards replacing fossil fuels with clean energy.

Q Solar can suit customer needs by custom designing each large size solar air heater to various specifications for different applications. Once the custom designs are finalised, the solar air heater is manufactured and installed by a licensee of Q Solar appointed from local light steel manufacturers.

The applications of this technology and the awareness of the potential users increase rapidly, in line with the demand for economical clean energy.

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