Q Solar ARC

  • solar air heater for medium-cold and cold climate
  • works by re-circulating the air with the building
  • its price including installation is $150 - $300/m2, depending on size and version
Q Solar ARC6

Above is shown a Q Solar ARC of about 6m2 which heats a tourist unit.

  • functioning: heats the air of the building and delivers it back to the building, therefore delivers the highest air temperature
  • size: between 1m2 (0.95m x 1.2m) and 6m2 (2.4m x 2.4m)
  • running: its fan is actuated by the solar panel, so it costs nothing to run
  • energy output: 1m2 can deliver about 15MJ (4kWh) of heat in a sunny day, that would cost about $1.5 if produced with an electric heater
  • performance: during sunny days the temperature difference between inlet and outlet can be about 45 degrees Celsius
  • payback: about one and half years compared to electric heaters, about 2 years compared to LPG heaters, or about 3 years compared to natural gas heaters
  • advantages: It is about 2 times more economical than any other solar heaters of the same performance.
Q Solar ARC2

Above is shown a Q Solar ARC of about 2m2 which can heat an average size room.