Q Solar ADC

  • solar air heater for mild climate (or for autumn and spring in cold climate)
  • heats ambient air and delivers it into the building
  • cost including installation $120 - $250/m2 depending on size and version
Q Solar ADC

Above is shown a Q Solar ADC of about 2.5m2

  • functioning: heats the outside air and delivers it to the building, therefore it has heating and ventilation function
  • suitability: it is more suitable for buildings with high people density (schools, cinema theatres, offices, shops), than for homes.
  • size: between 1m2 (0.95m x 1.2m) and 2.5m2 (1.1m x 2.4m)
  • running: it costs nothing to run when its fan is actuated by a solar panel
  • gross energy output: 1m2 in a sunny day can deliver about 12MJ (3kWh) of heat per day, that would cost about $1 if produced with an electric heater.
  • performance: during sunny days the temperature difference between its outlet and the inlet can be 400 Celsius
  • payback: less than 2 years compared to electric heaters, about 2 years compared to LPG heaters, or about 3 years compared to natural gas heaters
Q Solar ADCQ Solar ADC

These are two ADC installed between the windows of a lowset building.